Covid-19 Testing Solutions

Rapid antigen testing can help your business stay in control of Covid-19 by reducing viral transmission within your workplace.

Since April, Moore MedTech have worked with businesses of all sizes to implement effective testing programmes. Whatever your requirements, we can adapt a programme that helps you to achieve accurate results.

Our services can be delivered individually, or as a complete solution. The latest technologies allow us to provide you with daily updates on the Covid status of your workforce to minimise risk and increase employee confidence when returning to the workplace.

What we Offer

On-Site Testing Programmes

Our team can implement a rapid antigen testing programme at your site for maximum convenience. This allows employees to get tested during the working day with the correct support.

The site can be mobilised and fully equipped within a number of weeks, operated by our team of healthcare professionals and technicians.

Home Testing for Employees

We can deliver rapid antigen test kits direct to your employees so they can test themselves before they enter the workplace.

From online training sessions and support drop-ins with our nurses, to a bespoke website and instructional video, we can help your employees to feel completely supported throughout the process to ensure accurate results.

Covid Business Intelligence

Understand the Covid-status of your workforce with daily updates on the proportion of people with a negative lateral flow test result.

This information can be used to quickly identify Covid-19 outbreaks and restore confidence in staff who are returning to the workplace.

Rapid antigen testing online support
Rapid antigen testing for COVID-19
On-site rapid antigen testing for COVID-19

Why choose Moore MedTech

Be in Control

Effectively screen your workforce for Covid-19 and reduce viral transmission.

Rapid Results

Rapid antigen test results are received in less than 30 minutes.


Our Covid-19 test kits cost up to 75% less than comparative tests

Professional Advice

Our team of nurses are on hand to support you and your employees.

Reliable Samples

Taken with the guidance of professional nurses so your results are as accurate as possible.

CE-Marked Test Kits

Our rapid antigen test kits conform to European standards for medical testing and are used by governments across Europe.

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