Site Surveys

Our site surveys look at the dimensions of your space and the use and flow of people through it. This information will not only assist you in deciding the type, number and location of Far-UVC devices needed, it will also indicate the ideal paces for installation to achieve the highest efficiency and level of sanitisation.


Whether you have electrical professionals on-site or require the assistance of our fully-trained engineers, Moore MedTech will ensure that your Far-UVC light installation goes smoothly and adheres to the latest health and safety guidance. On completion, we will issue a complete set of documentation including survey, lighting design, RAMS, electrical test certification and warranty statement.

Pathogen Monitoring

To ensure that you gain the most significant benefit from installing Far-UVC lights, Moore MedTech offers a pathogen monitoring service. This monitoring regularly assesses the levels of pathogens on surfaces and in the air, comparing them to an original baseline. This information enables organisations to quantify the benefits of Far-UVC and demonstrate the improved cleanliness to employees and other stakeholders.

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