Pioneering Far-UVC Technology is the Solution to the Fast-Spreading Omicron Variant

Far-UVC Light Fitting

In the fight against the latest Omicron variant of COVID-19, Far-UVC is a pioneering technology that destroys 99.98% of all pathogens it encounters, including the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant.

As the number of Omicron cases continues to rise, the increased threat of transmission is causing UK officials to look for a solution to prevent further spread.

Far-UVC is a technology which is leading the way in the sanitisation of environments, allowing public spaces and offices to return to normal. Trials are currently underway in the North London trust hospital, supported by NHS Scotland, to measure the efficacy in an occupied care home environment.

The Far-UVC technology works by emitting a 222nm wavelength of UVC light which is scientifically proven to inactivate all pathogens including COVID-19 and all its variants amongst many other airborne diseases. It works by breaking down the cell wall of the pathogen, destroying it at a molecular level whether in the air or on surfaces, significantly reducing cross contamination between individuals within shared spaces.

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to create cleaner, safer environments for both customers and employees with rising inflation and absenteeism costing over £77 billion per year.

Moore MedTech is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Far-UVC products, incorporating bulbs that are tested and accredited by Public Health England. Founded by sibling duo Jamie and Samantha Moore, the business aims to raise awareness of Far-UVC and make it accessible to businesses across the UK. Their product range includes light fittings, entrance arches and HVAC sanitising solutions which efficiently destroy all airborne and surface pathogens within seconds of exposure.

“We were aware of the benefits that Far-UVC offered. Tests conducted in the USA scientifically proved the effectiveness of this technology in fighting the spread of COVID-19 and we saw potential in these products” said Jamie Moore, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Moore MedTech.

“We founded the business because we wanted to bring these solutions to the UK and help to bring the public back to the shared spaces we so desperately missed during the lockdowns of 2020.”

“With research suggesting COVID-19 could be the next endemic, we feel it is important to look at solutions which can help bring us back to the normal which we once knew."

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