Celebrating One Year of Moore MedTech!

Moore MedTech turned 1 earlier this month! We have achieved a lot over the last 12 months and have summarised some of the best bits in this blog post. From new team members to blue chip testing clients, we are extremely proud of our accomplishments!

Sam and Jamie Moore, founders of Moore MedTech

The creation of Moore MedTech

Our co-founders Samantha and Jamie Moore launched Moore MedTech in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020. The siblings both have extensive knowledge of the medical technology industry and felt they could help businesses to combat coronavirus effectively.

They developed three key product lines, Clean, Test and Protect, each with a different role to play in the fight against COVID-19. Industry-leading sanitising products, COVID-19 rapid antigen testing services and Far-UVC products are all effective in reducing viral transmission, but are even more powerful when brought together. Incorporating all three elements into a business recovery plan can help companies to operate in the safest possible way.

Our growing team

Our team started out small, with Sam and Jamie taking the roles of CEO and CTO respectively. Hannah White led the company’s marketing and helped to spread awareness of the business in its first few months.

In November, our first major testing programme at Co-op Angel Square launched. We hired several nursing professionals and technicians to help us deliver this COVID-19 testing service, as well as our Testing Operations Director, James Capper. James has helped our on-site testing programmes to become hugely successful, as well as being our skilled photographer and video creator.

As the new year began, our fourth full-time member of staff joined the team. Jess Moore (another Moore, completely by coincidence) oversees all things marketing.

Dr Vik then joined our team, a Medical Director in charge of the clinical governance of the organisation. And finally, Brice Harriette, our Project Coordinator, is the newest member of our growing team, responsible for planning and managing projects across the organisation.

Securing a grant from UKRI

We were awarded a grant of £271,000 by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to enable us to develop and manufacture our Far-UVC products. Far-UVC light destroys 99.98% of pathogens both in the air and on surfaces without posing any risk to human health. It has huge potential to help businesses combat COVID-19 and also reduce absenteeism from colds, flus and other illnesses which routinely compromise working environments.

We have teamed up with Free Running Buildings on this project, a Rotheram-based business who are experts in indoor environments. They will virtually simulate indoor environments in which Far-UVC products will be utilised to find the best locations for the fittings and demonstrate their germicidal properties.

Refining our COVID-19 testing services

Demand for our COVID-19 testing services has risen throughout the year, with each company seeking a slightly different approach to testing. Co-op sought an on-site testing programme for maximum convenience, allowing their employees to get tested throughout their working day. Sellafield Ltd, however, wanted their staff to test themselves at home before entering the workplace and opted for an online support package to ensure their staff were comfortable when self-testing.

We operate with complete flexibility in order to meet the individual needs of each client, helping them to get the very best results from their testing programmes. The feedback we have received has been excellent and has made us want to keep on improving!

What’s next?

Over the last year, our business has constantly evolved in response to changing client needs and government demands. Our latest development aims to help organisers host COVID-safe events.

We know that the events industry has been hit particularly badly by the pandemic and restoring confidence in guests and staff is crucial. Combining lateral flow testing with a health pass app allows guests to attend the event upon receiving a negative COVID-19 test result. The health pass expires within a number of hours to ensure that guests are COVID-negative at the time of the event, minimising the risk of transmission.

This can also be applied to corporate environments, where managers can receive daily insights into the COVID-status of their workplace. Knowing the proportion of individuals who have tested negative can help managers to reassure staff who are reluctant to attend work. It also allows outbreaks to be identified quickly and prevent infected individuals coming into the workplace. We hope this new service can help bring people together again in a safe and secure way.


We have had such an amazing year and hope that we can continue to grow in 2021! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Moore MedTech’s success.

Visit our website for more information on our business COVID-19 recovery solutions: mooremedtech.co.uk


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