Keeping your Workplace COVID-Secure

Now that lockdown restrictions are easing across the UK and employees are beginning to return to the workplace, it’s important that the COVID-19 virus is kept under control. Businesses must do everything they can to protect their employees and prevent infected individuals entering the workplace, especially as new variants continue to spread.

Moore MedTech have been helping businesses to combat COVID-19 and other harmful pathogens since April 2020. By combining our three product lines Clean, Test and Protect, businesses can significantly reduce transmission of infection and increase employee confidence.



Our industry-leading sanitising products are made with a unique formula that kills 99.98% of pathogens. The alcohol-free formula is Halal-certified and kind to even the most sensitive skin, meaning it is inclusive and safe for all to use.

It has been tested on a live COVID-19 sample and is proven to destroy the virus. It also provides up to 48 hours of protection from bacteria and viruses after application.

Paired with a fogging machine, our sanitiser can be used to sanitise large spaces within minutes. This significantly reduces cleaning routines and ensures you disinfect even the most hard to reach places in your environment.



Testing is still more important than ever as new variants of the COVID-19 virus continue to spread.

We offer test kits at competitive prices to help businesses continue to test their staff and keep outbreaks of COVID-19 under control. All of our tests are CE-marked and offer the highest accuracy and sensitivity available. Our fulfilment network can take care of the distribution of test kits directly to your employees for maximum convenience.

In addition to test kits, we also provide a complete support service to ensure you get the most accurate results and reduce false negatives. Our team of nurses deliver online training and support sessions to guide your employees through the testing process from taking their sample to reading their results. Not only does this ensure tests are being conducted accurately, it also increases confidence in your employees as they return to work.



Finally, our range of Far-UVC products are proven to destroy 99.98% of pathogens both in the air, and on surfaces. It provides an environmentally friendly and low maintenance way to keep your environment disinfected around the clock.

Unlike regular UVC light, Far-UVC is safe to use in occupied spaces. It operates at a shorter wavelength, meaning it cannot penetrate skin or eye cells.

This technology can be adapted for all environments, including warehouses, offices, gyms, cinemas, production facilities and restaurants. We bring together products to create tailored solutions for each business, helping them to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing them for the next.


Whether you’re interested in an individual product, or a fully managed business recovery plan, click here to get in touch!


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