A Q&A with Samantha Moore, CEO of Moore MedTech

Samantha Moore, CEO

I asked Sam a few questions about the company and her role at one of our testing sites at Co-op Angel Square in Manchester. The testing facility gives employees who are not displaying symptoms the opportunity to have a Covid-19 test in a safe and secure environment, reducing transmission of the virus within the workplace.

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Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at the testing site

My name is Samantha Moore and I’m one of the directors at Moore MedTech. My role at the testing site is to ensure that everything is as it should be, that we have a fully staffed shift and that we have all the products that we need to perform a good testing programme.


Why did you set up Moore MedTech?

I set up Moore MedTech because, as an engineer, I’d come across numerous technologies which I knew were available in the marketplace that weren’t being utilised in the battle against Covid-19. I was frustrated that I knew these technologies were available and could help get employees back into the workplace and that people weren’t aware of them. I established Moore MedTech with my partner, and we started to take those products to market and to let employers know that these products are available. They are clever technologies, and they could ensure a safe working environment for employees.


How are these tests different to other tests that are available?

We choose our tests on the basis that they are European tests and that they have the highest available accuracy in terms of specificity and sensitivity – these two things are hugely important. We want the result to be a positive result because it is specifically for Covid-19 and not other viruses, and we want the sensitivity to be the best it can be so we can capture the smallest sample needed to show a positive result if there is one there.


Why is it important for employers to implement these testing programmes?

When you are looking at creating a safe working environment for your employees, you have to take a holistic approach. Just ensuring that you have a clean workspace when people arrive at work does not mean that people can’t contract the virus when at work. You have to ensure, as far as is feasibly possible, that everyone who walks through your door is not carrying the virus. Therefore, offering convenient, hassle free, employee testing at your place of work means that you are giving your staff the best peace of mind that is available today.


How quickly can a testing programme be implemented?

We have a stock of tests and a good team of nursing professionals and administrators who are well-versed in setting up these testing programmes. We need only a very short amount of time to come and assess the facility, select a good place to set the site up and ensure it is socially distant and that a one-way system can be put in place. Once we have done that, we can be operational within a couple of days.


Can you bring the testing programme to any workplace?

As long as we can secure an area that allows us to maintain a safe environment whilst carrying out a testing programme, we can. We have yet to come across an environment where we cannot put this in place. We must set up a clear testing area, there must be a one-way system and we must maintain social distancing during that process, just in case there are people carrying the virus.


As well as testing, what do Moore MedTech offer?

We offer clever sanitising solutions that are kind to the skin and offer residual effects in terms of their longevity. Once they are applied to a surface, our sanitising solutions offer a 48-hour protection against Covid-19 and other viruses, bacteria and pathogens. They are ideal for scenarios where you have a multi-use piece of equipment. For example, in school music lessons, where you have multiple children needing to play the piano. Using our solution on the piano a) does not damage the piano itself and b) allows multiple children to this piano because of the residual effects which mean that nothing can stay on that piano that is going to cause harm.


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