Far-UVC Destroys 98% of Pathogens in Just 5 Minutes!

A recent study by researcher Ewan Eadie et al. demonstrates just how effective Far-UVC light can be and how adopting this technology has the potential to prevent pandemics in the future. Here is everything you need to know about the latest Far-UVC research.


What is Far-UVC?

UV light has been used by scientists for decades to kill pathogens including viruses and bacteria. However, traditional germicidal UV is not safe to use in indoor spaces as it has the potential to damage our skin and eye cells. Far-UVC light is different as it operates at a shorter wavelength, meaning it cannot penetrate the outer layer of our skin or eyes.

In recent years, researchers across the globe have proven that this technology is safe to use in occupied environments, even at levels beyond the current recommended exposure limits.


The Study

The number of research papers which provide laboratory evidence for the efficacy of Far-UVC continues to grow, but there is limited evidence that shows its effect in a life-sized space. The latest study by Ewan Eadie and others aimed to demonstrate the efficacy of Far-UVC in a full-sized room, mimicking real world conditions by matching the ventilation rate to one of a typical home or office.

Five Far-UVC lamps were installed in the environment before a mist of Staphylococcus aureus (a bacteria that can cause a variety of health issues) was sprayed continuously into the space. Once the microbes had reached a certain concentration, the Far-UVC lamps were turned on.

In just 5 minutes, the lamps had destroyed over 98% of the harmful pathogens. Even as more pathogens were introduced, the lamps maintained a low level of microbes. An equivalent of 184 air changes per hour were produced by the Far-UVC lamps, with most other approaches only providing 5-20 changes. Click here to read the full paper.


Far-UVC (222 nm) efficiently inactivates an airborne pathogen in a room-sized chamber 
Source: Nature.com Scientific Reports (Sci Rep) ISSN 2045-2322 (online)


“Far-UVC rapidly reduces the amount of active microbes in the indoor air to almost zero, making indoor air essentially as safe as outdoor air.” – Dr David Brenner


How can Far-UVC prevent a future pandemic?

Because Far-UVC destroys pathogens at a molecular level, it is effective against all microbes and their mutations. It will continue to be effective against colds, flus and coronaviruses whilst also protecting against any new infectious viruses that have yet to emerge. Far-UVC is also more effective than vaccines and drug treatments as the viruses and bacteria it kills cannot develop resistance.

Adopting this technology in high-traffic areas can prevent future outbreaks by preventing transmission between people in a shared environment. As the technology becomes more prevalent, we will be better protected against upcoming pandemics that scientists are predicting.


“Using this technology in locations where people gather together indoors could prevent the next potential pandemic” - Dr David Brenner


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