"Covid tests save firms thousands of working days"

Rapid antigen testing programme

“Covid tests save firms thousands of working days”

Initially, testing for Covid-19 was reserved for people who were experiencing symptoms. The government have now recognised the importance of testing individuals who are asymptomatic in order to reduce transmission of the virus.

As many as 1 in 3 people with the virus do not display symptoms and these individuals can pass Covid-19 onto others unknowingly. The lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures that are in place can help to stop this transmission, but they are not effective at reducing the spread of infection between individuals in the workplace who cannot work from home.

Mass lateral flow testing has already contributed to declining coronavirus case rates in hotspot areas such as Liverpool. To further combat the virus, the government are now urging firms from key industries to implement large-scale testing of their employees to reduce transmission in the workplace.

Several firms in the UK are already heeding the benefits of mass lateral flow testing at their workplaces, including fewer cases and reduced absenteeism. Employees who have been pinged by their track and trace app were previously forced to stay at home and isolate for 10 days, meaning they could not attend work even if they did not have the virus. This new approach from the government allows these individuals to return to the workplace if their lateral flow test result is negative, enabling businesses to remain operational.

Retailer John Lewis is one of the firms that have already implemented a testing programme. Having conducted over 45,000 tests, they have saved 6,643 working days that would have been lost to individuals having to self-isolate.

Surprisingly, 87% of firms have not yet implemented a testing programme despite the clear benefits to both public safety and business productivity. Health secretary Matt Hancock has emphasised that these programmes are crucial if we are to “protect essential services and businesses”.


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Read the full article by Adam McCulloch of Personnel Today here: https://www.personneltoday.com/hr/covid-tests-save-firms-thousands-of-working-days/



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