Developing a Bespoke Testing Solution for Camelot

After hearing about Moore MedTech through their professional network, Camelot reached out to us to develop a bespoke COVID-19 testing solution for their employees. As well as provision of test kits, they wanted additional guidance and support to be available to their employees should they need it. A branded microsite was created, home to information about the testing programme, demonstration videos, guides, FAQs and helpful links to ensure Camelot staff were comfortable whilst testing themselves at home.

I reached out to Eleanor Blake, Resilience Manager at Camelot, to reflect on her experience with Moore MedTech.


Why did you choose to launch a testing programme? Has it helped you to achieve your objectives?

The wellbeing of Camelot's people is always a priority. We decided to offer lateral flow testing to support our wider activities to make Camelot's offices a safe place to be in light of COVID-19. The lateral flow testing programme has supported this and provided an additional level of comfort for our people when in the workplace.


Why did you decide to test your employees at home rather than in the workplace? Has it been easy to implement?

We went down the home testing route for three reasons. Firstly, we wanted to give people the ability to test in the privacy and comfort of their own homes rather than the more public setting of the workplace. Secondly, if people tested positive, we wanted them to find this out before arriving on site to avoid the risk of infecting others and having to travel home again before being able to self-isolate. Thirdly, we felt that this route would be more straightforward and cost effective for the business to implement.


Why did you choose Moore MedTech to provide testing and build an online portal for your employees? What are they doing better than other companies?

We looked at different companies providing lateral flow testing services and were impressed by Moore MedTech's flexible offering and professional approach.


Have your employees responded well to the testing programme? Did they find the online portal easy to use?

Employees have responded well with very few issues or queries to resolve. This is likely in part down to the clear and straightforward portal with links to all the information that employees need, including an instructional video of how to take the tests.


What was your experience working with the Moore MedTech team?

The Moore MedTech team has been a pleasure to work with. The team has a friendly and professional attitude, and has been quick to resolve queries and to get the scheme up and running smoothly.


Would you recommend Moore MedTech to other companies hoping to implement testing schemes for their staff?



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