An Interview with Samantha Moore, CEO and Founder of Moore MedTech

We interviewed Sam, our CEO, about all things Moore MedTech, being a Women's Business Enterprise and our upcoming health pass app.


What makes Moore MedTech different from other businesses?

"Moore MedTech is unique because we offer both the technology and the services required to implement and manage our solutions. For example, our testing solution not only involves supplying businesses with a stock of rapid test kits, it goes beyond that to ensure the most accurate results. We provide online training and support services with our COVID technicians and create bespoke resources to guide employees through the testing process from videos to online web portals. This complete wraparound distinguishes us from other test kit providers.

As a privately-owned SME, we have the ability to be incredibly agile and flexible which gives us a competitive edge over larger companies. This allows us to respond to customer needs and quickly bring new solutions to market. This flexibility has allowed us to win large contracts by adapting our offering to provide the client with exactly what they require."


What inspired you to establish the company?

"As an engineer, I am always interested in learning about new technologies. Occasionally, I will find a technology which is truly exceptional that has broad applications which need to be commercialised.

When the pandemic hit, I was aware of different technologies that were available, but weren’t yet being utilised in the fight against COVID-19. I decided to bring these technologies together to create a ‘Clean, Test & Protect’ solution. Managing pathogens requires a holistic approach which is why we bring our three product ranges together to achieve the best results. You cannot simply sanitise your environment and wait for the problem to go away. This trinity of products were brought together because they are all necessary, and combining them delivers the best results for businesses."


How has being a member of the WEConnect network helped you and your business?

"The WEConnect network has given us access to global businesses who value diversity within their supply chain. Accessing this network has presented us with opportunities to build relationships with procurement managers and win significant business contracts, delivered with the support of other women-owned businesses in the network.

Ultimately, it gives small businesses like ours the opportunity to start conversations with large potential clients."


What value has the WEConnect International network provided?

"The main benefit of the network is being surrounded by other members in the community who offer support. We are part of the same ‘family’ working towards similar goals, and everyone I have met since joining has been incredibly helpful and supportive.

We are all like-minded women who are focused on building and scaling successful businesses, and all of us are at different stages of that process. There are people who are only just beginning their business journey and others who have already accomplished their goals. No matter where you are on that ladder, the community offers a place to collaborate with each other, exchange guidance and grow your networks. The connections you make as a result are invaluable."


What is next for Moore MedTech? Do you have any new products in development?

"We are continuously reviewing our products and services, to ensure they currently meet market demands. Our latest product is a personal health app which stores Covid-19 vaccination, PCR and lateral flow results data, which can be shared to access events and employment facilities.

For the user, it will be a place to store up-to-date vaccination information, as well as recent lateral flow and PCR test results to demonstrate their COVID health status. For the employer, it will deliver anonymised, real time insights into the COVID status of the workplace and the people within it. They will be able to see the proportion of individuals who are vaccinated and tested to reassure employees that they are entering a safe environment. Event organisers will also use this app to monitor the COVID-safety of the event and admit guests with a valid health status via QR code. This will help us to provide even more value to businesses who have rapid testing programmes in place."


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