Far-UVC technology

Protecting People in Shared Spaces

Sterilising & disinfection lights that kill 99.98% of pathogens including colds, flus, COVID-19, norovirus, MRSA and more.

How can Far-UVC technology help your business?

Far-UVC reduces viral transmission
Reduces Viral Transmission
Far-UVC reduces absenteeism
Reduces Absenteeism
Far-UVC is environmentally friendly
Far-UVC kills variants
Kills All Variants
Far-UVC restores confidence
Restores Confidence
Far-UVC reduces costs
Reduces Cleaning Costs
Far-UVC makes our site safer

We were impressed that a Yorkshire venture has taken the lead in adapting this proven technology for facilities like ours.


We recognise the potential it has to improve protection for our tenants and visitors.

David Aspin
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How can Far-UVC help your business?

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